Retrieved 27 June Retrieved 9 June Louie breaks down as he realises he needs help, and so Charlie locks Louie in the attic of his home. When Grace goes missing and Connie cannot find her, she accuses Mark of abducting her. Charlie, on the way to work for a night shift, comes across a couple who have crashed their car into the back of a truck. During her shift, Connie receives a call from the care home, who ask her to visit Alfred immediately when he loses his ability to talk. There is obvious tension between Dylan and Brian, and when Dylan clashes with Brian again, Brian tells Dylan he is the son he wish he never had. The first episode aired on 15 November , a week later than originally planned, while the second episode aired on 28 March , with the final episode airing on 11 July

On 2 July , Radio Times revealed plans for the show to air three standalone episodes. Connie notices that Andrea is quick to undermine her when she suggests that their young patient does not have life-saving surgery immediately because he is too weak. However, with the amount of stories that we tell of characters in extreme situations, it is hard to avoid dramatising situations that can occasionally be reminiscent of real life events”. Cal steals money from Ethan in order to help contribute towards Taylor’s newly set-up charity. Casualty producer Erika Hossington shares show gossip – part two”. Gert Thomas 15 August Gail Evans 11 April

He convinces himself more could have been done to save his patient.

Vicky Wharton 3 January Connie later returns to the ED and steals benzodiazepine tablets from the medical cabinet. When she prioritises her demanding patient over Grace, Grace tells Connie she wants to live with Audrey instead of her, leaving Connie devastated. Big Mac starts his first shift as a healthcare assistant and helps a man reunite with his long-lost daughter.

Cal, Charlie, Ash and Ethan work together as a team to connect two patients who both have a rare virus. Jane Hazlegrove and Sunetra Sarker temporarily departed from their respective roles of paramedic Kathleen “Dixie” Dixon and consultant Zoe Hanna in the previous series.

Dixie takes Jeff’s ashes to the beach and scatters them as she begins to accept the reality of his death. She is shocked when he brings his new-born son, Charlie, with him.

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Connie and her team are all seriously injured as a result of the collision. Lily works excessive hours in the ED to try casualty series 29 episode 6 the last call ease the pressure on the staff. Four part finale could be the most dramatic episodes in three decades of the series”.

This episode featured main character Zoe Hanna Sarker wondering how different life could be if she made one difference to her day. Jacob goes to visit the man responsible for making the alcohol, but as he arrives, the laboratory explodes. Jonathan Phillips 6 September Venn described his casting as “a pleasure and honour” and Kent said he was “thrilled” to welcome Venn. Actor Lee Mead was nominated under the category Newcomer for his casualty series 29 episode 6 the last call of his character Lofty Chiltern at the National Television Awardshowever did not win the award.

Connie admits that she gave Alfred benzodiazepines, but is insistent she did not overdose him on them.

The Last Call

It turns out the training exercise is botched, and when one of patients die under Dylan’s care, in bay four of Resus, Dylan finds dall getting worked up. Connie agrees to travel out to Romania with Charlie, and the pair head to the airport.

Her moped collides with a schoolgirl, and both are admitted with injuries. Bardock announced his decision to leave his role of Jeff Eplsode on 30 Junefollowing seven years on the show.

She becomes annoyed with Cal when he begins flirting with Taylor whilst on shift. Vicky Wharton 1 Causalty Zoe and Max go out for a meal with Greta, but Zoe feels humiliated when Greta learns of the age gap between the couple. Lofty is in high spirits for the new year, and records his staff’s resolutions. On 2 JulyRadio Times revealed plans for the show to air three standalone episodes.

Zoe and Max’s wedding day arrives. Dylan and Lofty treat a patient admitted after suffering severe stomach cramps at work.

He helps his patient realise that she is better off without her boyfriend, and the pair later share a kiss. Graeme Harper ; Producer: Gert Thomas 27 June Caroline Brittain 18 April Casualty producer Erika Hossington shares show gossip – part two”.

Casualty Series 29 Episode 6 The Last Call

Cal reveals it was him who stole the money in order to help fund Taylor’s charity. When Connie arrives, she uses a new method of communication to talk to Alfred; he once again asks her to help him die.

Dylan’s concerns for his patient quickly grow when the patient’s casualty series 29 episode 6 the last call tells him she has only recently overcome cancer, but when he looks in her medical files, he learns that his patient is lying to him. Retrieved 14 August Caroline Brittain 28 February Iain Dean returns for Jeff’s funeral, but when he learns Dixie is not planning on attending, he goes to see Dixie and aid her in rescuing the alcoholic.

Max notices a teenager with abdominal pains needs a life lesson, and helps her realise her potential. Connie wakes up next to Alfred’s hospital bed, having spent the night with him.

A bodybuilder storms into the ED with an unconscious casualty on his shoulders.